BEMF Workshops

Red Bull Music Academy Sessions Botswana

The Red Bull Music Academy and the Botswana Electronic Music Festival present a series of discussions focusing on the craft and business of the electronic music industry.

Bass music king and live electronic pioneer Sibot, one of Botswana’s most established DJ/producer and radio-hosts DJ Gouveia, deep house maverick Ryan Murgatroyd and Boyz n Bucks visionary Okmalumkoolkat, will all be chatting about their illustrious careers, the many challenges they’ve faced and their perspective on all things music.

The sessions will run from 4PM to 8PM on the evening of the 29th of September. Open and free for the public to attend, seats are limited so make sure you come early.



Okmalumkoolkat AKA all black black kat AKA smart mompara AKA bhut’yang’chaza AKA ikati elimnyama AKA The Sjambok Ambu. A man of many names and many games. The Futuremfana has spread his net of razor sharp lyrics and light speed dance moves far and wide, gaining an ever-exploding cult following in both SA and abroad. An […]

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DJ Gouveia

DJ Gouveia is a radio presenter (RB2), music producer, DJ, entrepreneur, poet and actor. “Rocking the airwaves, shooting for the stars, crazy in the studio and working with loads of both local and international DJs / artists / producers” is how DJ Gouveia describes himself. Having begun DJing over ten years ago, Gouveia relocated to […]

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Ryan Murgatroyd

Ryan Murgatroyd, also of Crazy White Boy fame, is something of a maverick. Shaped in a country going through massive change itself, Ryan’s music has the ability to transcend boundaries.  His debut single, Bantwana’s Piano, has made waves around the world. DJ Mag called it “a towering achievement in the landscape of modern house music” […]

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As proficient a ex-turntablist and DJ as he is a sound designer and engineer, these days Sibot’s live show is the main attraction, a break-neck roller coaster of Audio / Visual treats and synchronized freestyle movement where Sibot is the metronome. Live button bashing and keyboard stabs are accompanied by a heavy dose of Toyota’s […]

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Connect with the BEMF and the Red Bull Music Academy

VENUE: Westwood International School, Phase 4, Gaborone. We would love to hear the music coming from Botswana’s upcoming electronic music producers. If you’re based in Botswana, making music such as house, hip-hop, techno, drum n bass and the like, and would like to connect us, make sure to do the following: 1. Be at the Red […]

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Line Up

Wednesday 30 September

15H00 - 16H30 Anestdontstop (Competition Winner) dj
16H30 - 18H00 Groove Cartell dj
18H00 - 19H00 RYAN MURGATROYD & NONKU live
19H00 - 19H45 FME dj
19H45 - 20H30 OKMALUMKOOLKAT live
20H30 - 21H30 Sibot + Toyota live
21H30 - 22H30 BLACK MOTION live
22H30 - 00H00 OSUNLADE dj
00H00 -00H30 K.O live
00H30 - 01H30 DJ GOUVEIA live
01H00 - 03H00 DEAN FUEL dj
03H00 - 04H00 KILLER ROBOT dj